Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Antiques led to ART

A couple of months ago I was in an antique shop
looking for old foreign language books for my collages
when i found a wonderful old metal frame from the 1920's.
Because the price was right I thought of
reusing this to frame a piece of my art.
Then came the real discovery.... 
an old copy, (from my research I learned it was
published in 1880) of Jane Austin's
Sense and Sensibility & Persuasion
both novels in the same book!
What a lovely book! I tried reading it however 
the pages are so old, darkened and brittle
they break even just turning them; making them
perfect for art work... i won't feel guilty in using the pages!

The idea began to form of
utilizing the frame and using the brittle pages
 by painting a woman on a page & 
placing her in the antique frame.

 Then my order of lino blocks arrived &
 suddenly the "painting" flew by the wayside
and I knew  carving her was what I wanted.

my drawing:

the first test print:
as you can see i have to remove her "beard" :)
and those eyelashes are too chunky so they need to be trimmed!

and here's the final clean-up

and now all that's left to do is to 
place her into the frame.